How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber – A Complete Guide

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber

Think it does not matter if your paddle is dirty? Better check. You are going to search out some tips on how to clean table tennis rubber as well as other things to help improve your game.

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber

Water and Sponge

You don’t want something very fancy for cleanup your paddle. Some plain water and a soft sponge can do for general cleanup and dusting. At the end of the match, you would possibly need to do a little more fancy cleanup to get rid of the more deeply seated dirt and therefore the oils that accumulate on your paddle from your skin.

There are specially made cleaners that come out of cans only for this purpose. They’re costly however worth it. If you are on a decent budget and cannot afford the great stuff you can clean your paddles cheaply by using a drop of dishwashing liquid. Ensure you use a brand that’s non-abrasive like Ivory.

Rubber Cleaning Solutions

What you are doing is take a drop of the liquid and place it on the blade. Then add some drops of water. Then take the corner of your sponge and rub the mixture into the surface of the rubber. When you are done, rinse the sponge and wipe the blade and handle off completely in order that there’s no soap left on that. You are going to have to rinse the sponge many times while doing this procedure. When you are done, shake the blade dry. Do not dry with a towel or any kind of fabric. You will end up getting fibers in the blade.

Cleaning your racket is simply a part of keeping it in fine condition. Ensure that you just have a sturdy case for your racket to stay it in. Also, ensure you keep the case as clean as possible. Do not leave it out and open for long periods of time. If dirt accumulates within the case, that dirt is eventually about to end up on your racket.

Keeping your racket in good clean condition is simply as necessary as being on the top of your game.

While we’re on the subject of your paddle, this can be one thing that only the very advanced players do however something that everybody should do it.

Few More Tips

For starters, you actually need to have more than one kind of racket. The reason for this can be because each table surface that you play on is going to be different. Some are going to be slicker than others, which means the ball can react quicker on some surfaces than others. For very quick games you are going to require to use a lighter weight racket that reacts quicker.

So, however, do you understand what kind of table surface you are going to be taking part in on? A technique to find out is to examine out your opponent before the game starts. Determine what kind of surface he’s practicing on and what kind of racket he is playing with. If you see he is changing his racket then find out that one he’s using. This can provide you with a decent plan of what surface you are likely to be playing on and may select your racket to match.

Don’t underestimate keeping your racket clean and selecting the proper one for the table you will be playing on. These tips might create the difference between winning and losing, all alternative things being equal.

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